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Welcome to Total Physio Care

Every new begining comes from some others begining’s End

TOTAL PHYSIO CARE (TPC)  works as an innovative centre, in the field of Alternative Medicine with a belief, “Cure is Sure if Faith is Pure”. Alternative Medicine functions on three prong energy levels i.e. Shabda (Expressive Thought), Sparsh (Divine Touch) and Bodha (Knowing Self). To achieve optimum health for all, the centre caters for special preventive therapies and provides treatment on these special features. The centre provides a very high standard of professional services by offering the complete range of complementary / alternative therapies in an amicably approachable and friendly atmosphere.

The centre has a professionally competent, extremely dedicated and fully committed team of healers contributing towards the development of a healthier planet. The centre’s continuous “Strive for Excellence” is apparent as every visiting individual leaves the centre with a sense of relief & satisfaction and is leading a healthy & blissful life.

The centre is able to cater for on an average of 200 individuals per day for treatment of various diseases such as paralysis, Slip Disc, Cervical Spondylosis, Mayopathy, Muscular Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, Piles, Epilepsy (Fits), Psychological Disorders, Depression, Diabetes, Heart and Kidney Disorders, Joint Pains, Osteo Arthritis, Rheumatism etc. along with disorders due to prolonged exposure to computers, televisions and cell phones.

Dr. B.N.JHA, Dsc(Ac),
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Total Physio Care

Total physio care means holistic care and a way of life aiming at not just physical health, but also care in terms of all faculties endowed by nature on human beings.

It encompasses physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual care. A key element of Total physio care is possessing maximum energy for daily living.

Welcome to RDIHH

“RDIHH is a holistic learning community that honors the essence of each individual. Our mission is to help individuals fulfill their dreams of a career with heart.”

The RDIHH is pioneer in developing competency based programmed in various disciplines of Health Sciences It is an institute without walls, which provides training in Holistic Healing modalities, in a Home study courses internationally.